About us

About us

The Quetelet Center for Quantitative Historical Research takes an interfaculty and interdisciplinary approach to offer researchers active support for groundbreaking scientific, societal and policy-oriented research.

What do we do?

Contextualising existing datasets or specific historical sources

Are you a researcher who uses historical statistics and do you need guidance? Then contact the Quetelet Center. Together with you we discuss the correct interpretation of historical datasets, the necessary contextualisation and useful tools.

Access to unique databases on Belgium's past

The Quetelet Center promotes the use of historical datasets that were created at Ghent University. These datasets encompass both extensive data infrastructures that were developed on a project basis (LOKSTAT, POPPKAD, HISSTER and STREAM) and thematic databases that were produced as part of doctoral research. If you would like to use a dataset managed by the Quetelet Center, please be sure to contact us.

Processing and enriching historical data

Using cartographic and statistical tools, we make maps, tables and other products tailored to specific research questions. The Quetelet Center is happy to contribute to your research.

Promoting collaboration between wide-ranging disciplines

We are happy to put you in contact with experts, databases and publications from various fields that can advance your research in an innovative and interdisciplinary way.