Who are we?

Who are we?

The Quetelet Center for Quantitative Historical Research is interdisciplinary. Our staff and affiliated researchers come from various disciplines: history, geography, sociology, economics and political sciences. We bundle expertise on socio-economic history, demography, rural history, world history, gender studies, life-course analysis, economic systems, local politics, judicial statistics, cartography and geographic information systems (GIS). Based on our field, we offer support and advice on the use of historical data that can be studied statistically and in map form.


Isabelle Devos

Professor Dr. Isabelle Devos


Isabelle Devos is a historian and demographer. She is a coordinator of the Quetelet Center and responsible for the STREAM and HISSTER data infrastructures. She is affiliated with the Institute for Early Modern History at Ghent University.

Eric Vanhaute

Professor Dr. Eric Vanhaute


Eric Vanhaute is professor of economic history and world history at the Department of History of Ghent University. He is a coordinator of the Quetelet Center and promoter of the LOKSTAT and POPPKAD data infrastructures. He is affiliated with the Economies, Comparisons, Connections research group.

Sarah Heynssens

Sarah Heynssens

Staff member

Sarah Heynssens is a scientific collaborator at the Department of History of Ghent University. She is responsible for monitoring data management and communication at the Quetelet Center. She is part of the team working on the STREAM data infrastructure.


Sven Vrielinck

Staff member

Sven Vrielinck is a scientific collaborator at the Department of History of Ghent University. He is responsible for the content and technical management of the data collections and research tools of the Quetelet Center, including the data infrastructures of LOKSTAT, POPPKAD and STREAM.


Torsten Wiedemann

Staff member

Torsten Wiedemann is a scientific collaborator at the Department of History of Ghent University. He works as a geographer and GIS expert for the Quetelet Center and is responsible for the processing and cartographic representation of the data of the center.

Steering group

Professor Dr. Philippe De Maeyer


Philippe De Maeyer is chair of the Department of Geography of Ghent University. His expertise lies in cartography and the use of GIS, and includes the history of cartography, map making and the use of GIS in historical and map studies. He is affiliated with the CartoGIS research group.

Herwig Reynaert

Professor Dr. Herwig Reynaert

Political scientist

Herwig Reynaert is a political scientist at the Centre for Local Politics at Ghent University. His research focuses on local and provincial politics (elections, political leadership, local democracy, etc.).


Professor Dr. Koen Schoors


Koen Schoors is head of the Department of General Economics at Ghent University. He researches economic systems and institutions, financial institutions and markets, agricultural economics and development economics. He is affiliated with the SHERPPA research group.

Bart Van de Putte

Professor Dr. Bart Van de Putte


Bart Van de Putte is affiliated with the Department of Sociology of Ghent University. His research centres on social demography and historical sociology with a focus on migration, ethnicity and family structures. He is affiliated with the Hedera research group.

Toon Vrints

Professor Dr. Antoon Vrints


Antoon Vrints teaches history at Ghent University. He specialises in the social history of the First World War and in conflict regulation from a long-term perspective. He is affiliated with the Social History Since 1750 research group.