How can you start working with a database?

If you want to start working with a specific database, you must always first contact the Quetelet Center. This can be done for example using the contact page. The staff at the centre will discuss with you which data could be useful and, in consultation with you, draw up an agreement which sets out the conditions of use. You will then receive a copy of the datasets that you can start working on yourself.

Can you download data files?

No, you cannot download the complete set of data files from the website. In order to start working with the data infrastructures managed by the centre, you first need to make an appointment.

What exactly does the agreement for the use of databases entail?

The collaboration agreement aims to establish the rights of the Quetelet Center as the owner and/or manager of the data. This agreement is always prepared tailored to your specific research project.

Is the use of data managed by the Quetelet Center free of charge?

Yes, you can use the data managed by the Quetelet Center free of charge, provided you comply with the conditions specified in the collaboration agreement. In exceptional cases a fee may be requested, for example if the work to be carried out by the centre is extensive.

Can you have maps made based on each of the databases?

Not all the databases managed by the Quetelet Center lend themselves to spatial visualisation and analysis. Some data series are not localisable due to a lack of information about the geographical location. As a result, the centre is unable to make maps based on these databases.

What can the data from the Quetelet Center be used for?

You may use the data from the Quetelet Center for scientific research but not for commercial purposes. Exceptions to this rule are possible and, after consultation with all the parties involved, are specified in a collaboration agreement drawn up in advance.