POPPKAD surpasses 10,000 users


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September 2023



POPPKAD surpasses 10,000 users

POPPKAD, the database of the Belgian land registry from the nineteenth century, is gaining popularity among a wide audience. Researchers, local historians, genealogists, and other enthusiasts are increasingly exploring the database, which contains the names of 540,000 property owners from the mid-19th century in over 1,000 Belgian municipalities. According to the latest statistics, 10,000 users have extensively utilized the website. The top 5 most searched terms include (not surprisingly) the names Janssens, Peeters, Willems, Maes, and De Smet. On the project website, you can not only discover the most common surnames but also access scans of the original land registry records. These records provide detailed information about property owners, buildings, and lands from the nineteenth century. Preliminary figures indicate that over 25,000 records have been downloaded from the site after consulting the database. 

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