Quetelet Center receives citizen science grant!


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Hilde Crevits, Flemish Minister for Innovation, allocates 1 million euros to 7 Citizen Science projects. These are projects in which scholars at universities, colleges and scientific institutions involve the general public in their research. S.O.S. Antwerp, the proposal of the Quetelet Center, receives one of these 7 grants! Under management of the Quetelet Center, citizens and researchers will study social inequalities in death in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Antwerp by jointly creating and analyzing a unique database of individual causes-of-death.

S.O.S. Antwerp (Sociale Ongelijkheid in Sterfte) is a project of the Quetelet Center in collaboration with the Public History Institute of Ghent University, the Center for Urban History of the University of Antwerp, the Antwerp City Archives and Histories vzw. More news will follow soon!

For more information about the selected projects you can visit www.ewi-vlaanderen.be/oproep-citizen-science