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February 2019



POPPKAD, the database of the Belgian cadastre from the 19th century, is reaching a wide audience. According to the latest usage statistics, more than 3 000 researchers, local historians, genealogists and interested parties have used POPPKAD. Hundreds of them even consult the research infrastructure on a regular basis. In particular, the database of property owners from the mid-19th century is being heavily consulted. The names of 540 000 owners in more than 1000 Belgian municipalities can be searched on the POPPKAD website. The search queries are headed by – somewhat predictably –  the surnames Peeters, Janssens and Desmet. The website also provides access to scans of the original cadastral registers, which combine more information about property owners, buildings and land in the 19th century. According to preliminary figures, more than 15 000 registers have already been downloaded through the website.